Sierra Oscars

In the spring of 2021 we asked our twitter followers to vote for a few of your ‘The Bill’ favourites. Below are the winners. An enormous thank you goes to all those who took the time to vote, without you the Sierra Oscars would not happen!

The Sierra Oscar for your most Favourite ‘On Location’ Episode goes to the joint winners: ‘Thug on the Tyne’ and ‘Loaded’. ‘Last Orders’ won 3rd place.

For those of you who are unsure of episode titles, Thug On The Tyne saw Burnside & Rawton in Newcastle. Loaded was the Des & Reg visiting Southend ep. Ted Roach’s funeral took place in Last Orders.

If you wish to watch Andrea’s final episode it is episode 289. Viv Martella’s final episode was ‘The Short Straw’ and Honey Harman’s ‘Zain: The Greatest Day.’ We also waved a sad goodbye to Ken in ‘Trojan Horse’.

You decided that the Sierra Oscar for the best humorous episode should go to Section F. Twanky came a close 2nd place. There was not a 3rd place given in this category due to so many different episodes receiving a similar amount of votes.

We asked you which stunt you thought was the best.  You voted for totally unforgettable Barry Stringer chase scene in Cry Havoc.  Trojan Horse (explosion that killed Ken Melvin) and Writing On The Wall (Des & Reg car crash) were jointly voted second.

You voted for your favourite storyline. We had an enormous number of votes for this category. Over 35 different storylines were voted for, not one single storyline received over 5 votes. It seems everybody has their own favourites. Every storyline deserves the Sierra Oscar!

To be continued….