Top Of The Cops Results

Most Memorable First Day

The winner voted by fans is Jim Carver! Jim’s arrival at Sun Hill can be seen on The Bill’s pilot episode: Woodentop.

Best Bad Cop

The Bill’s ‘Best Bad Cop’ as voted by fans is DS Don Beech, who was played by the incredibly talented Billy Murray. PC Des Taviner and PC Gabriel Kent came in second & third consecutively.

Best partnership

The runaway winners in this category were PC Reg Hollis and PC Des Taviner who were played by Jeff Stewart and Paul Usher.

Favourite Guest Role

We asked you to vote for your favourite guest character. Over 26 years The Bill has had a plethora of talented guest artists with incredible performances, this was reflected in voting, nobody received more than 3 votes! So the winner of this category is every single guest artist.

Favourite Episode

We asked you to vote for your favourite ever episode of The Bill. Again your votes were spread throughout The Bill’s 26 year history. With a small majority vote, the winner of this category is: FAT’AC.

Most Memorable Exit

For this category we asked you which character had the most memorable exit from Sun Hill. PC Cass Rickman received the greatest number of your votes, with DS Ted Roach and Chief Inspector Derek Conway both receiving joint second place.

Officer you’d most want to come to your assistance

We asked you which Sun Hill officer you would like to come to your aid if you were in ever need of help. PC Tony Stamp received the highest number of your votes. Inspector Dale Smith came second and DCI Frank Burnside came third in this vote.

Favourite long running storyline

We asked you to tell us your favourite long running #thebill story-line. You shared your favourites with us & the downfall of bad officers seemed to be a reoccurring theme. The downfall of Don Beech gained the most votes. Coming in a close and joint second was Gabriel Kents’ downfall & the Eddie Santini/Rosie Fox story-line.

Favourite high ranking officer

We asked you to share with us your top three favourite High Ranking Sun Hill officers. This vote was quite widely spread over many officers. Superintendent Jack Meadows gained the most votes, followed by Chief Inspector Derek Conway and Superintendent Charles Brownlow.

Favourite CID officer

Next we asked you to share your favourite three Sun Hill CID officers. There was barely a CID officer who didn’t receive a vote in this category. The three who received the most votes: 1st – Mickey Webb; 2nd – Ted Roach; 3rd – Frank Burnside.

Favourite staff member

Next we asked you to tell us your favourite Sun Hill staff member. The results were so incredibly close between the top 2 characters, we had to retweet twice to find a winner. Crime Scene examiner Eddie Olosunjie received most votes, but in a very close second came Robbie Cryer.

Favourite uniformed officer

We asked you to tell us your top 3 favourite uniformed Sun Hill officers. There were literally hundreds of votes in this category for many officers. The characters who received the most votes were 1st – PC Tony Stamp; 2nd – Insp. Dale Smith; 3rd – Insp. Gina Gold.

All time favourite top 5 officers

And finally we asked for your all-time favourite top 5 #thebill characters. 82 different characters throughout the 26yr run received votes. 1st – PC Tony Stamp; 2nd Insp. Dale Smith; joint 3rd – Insp. Gina Gold & DCI Frank Burnside; 5th – Supt’ Jack Meadows. PC Reg Hollis, Sgt Bob Cryer & DS Ted Roach all gained many votes.