Top Of The Cops

To mark the ten whole years since the final episode of The Bill aired we invite all fans of The Bill to celebrate the programme’s brilliance and remind the world what they are missing!  Over the coming months we will invite you to vote for your favourite aspects of The Bill, whether it be character, story-line, exit etc.. The results will be shared in August.  Keep a look out on our social media pages for our first voting category.  And where possible please make good use of the hashtag #topofthecops because the more people joining in the fun the better!

Latest: Voting now closed. Results will be released later this month – August 2020.

Additional info:

To vote please reply to OUR post sharing a specific question.  It may prove difficult to ensure all retweets are counted due to the privacy controls of retweets & Facebook shares.

We hope this will be a great opportunity for fans to chat about The Bill.  Please feel free to share reasons for your choices, chat amongst yourselves on the given thread.  The intention of Top of the Cops is to celebrate The Bill after all. We will read every reply and make a record of every vote.

With so many great choices, in some categories fans will be given more than one vote, we’ll let you know how many votes at the correct time. If anyone adds extra answers in their reply to posts we will take their first answer.

Your votes will be marked with a ‘like’ once counted.  Please don’t be upset if it takes a while for your vote to be counted, we are only human, with lives away from our computer screens.  But rest assured they all will be counted.  

You may vote in every category from the moment they are announced until the closing date in August, (closing date will be announced later, a little closer to the time).

Anyone purposely answering voting more times than necessary (and thus spoiling everyone’s fun) will be blocked.

 If you think of a great category which you would like to see added, let us know – we are open to listening to your ideas.

Most importantly enjoy chatting about The Bill and have fun!